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Become a CPR Instructor and capture the revenue you are leaving behind! (Safety Services) CAN Save you money!
CPR is CPR is CPR right? WRONG!!

If you are a CPR instructor and you are aligned with the WRONG training center, or the wrong national organization, it could be costing you MORE MONEY than it should for CPR student materials.

When you teach any course, you are going to have expenses. Health & Safety Institute (formerly ASHI) instructors enjoy a lower per student cost, and therefore a higher profit margin for the training courses they offer.

By aligning as a CPR instructor with Safety Services' Training Center, our instructors can also offer:

First Aid
HIV/AIDS-Infection control
Domestic violence
Medical errors
Assisting with medications
Dozens of CEU course subjects

We offer low cost, high quality, training materials to you, at a fraction of the cost of other agencies WITH THE SAME APPROVALS!

CPR Instructor status is the first step. Once you are a CPR instructor with Safety Services' training center, you will also have the support of the training center and the owners' 20+ years of experience to teach you:

How to market your classes
How to use the internet to your advantage (online training)
How to increase your marketing to effectively teach:
Adult CPR
Adult Choking
Child/Infant CPR
Child/Infant Choking
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
How to price for your market
Common slips & pitfalls CPR instructors make
Regulatory requirements
Laws requiring/pertaining to CPR
All your questions answered in a non-rushed learning environmnent!

On-going support to help you start your business or training program within your facility.

What to Expect as a CPR Trainer

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