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Batterer Intervention Program

Batterer Intervention Program: This 29 week program will meet the requirements of your probation/parole & court mandated attendance.

The goal of the Batterer Intervention Program is to intervene and assess individuals who have committed a domestic violence offense. The program also provides the justice system with an identifiable program to further the safety of victims and their children and to hold the perpetrators of DV accountable for their acts.

To enroll in this course, there is a $50 Assessment fee, and a $30 course book fee. The first step is to meet with our Therapist to participate in the assessment. You will then attend the orientation and sign a student contract prior to starting group meetings. (The assessment and orientation will count as your first 2 weekly meetings.)

The program will then consist of 27 weekly group meetings. You MUST attend at least 25 sessions. Failure to attend 2 back to back sessions will result in your removal from the program, and could result in violation of your probation.