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Board of Massage Therapy Approved 3 hr HIV It is acceptable by the board for continuing education for CURRENT Florida Massage Therapy Licensees as well as those transferring their license into Florida from another state.

This on-line/on-demand course is designed to meet the training for OSHA requirements for business/industry and state license boards. If you hold a professional license and your license board requires an HIV/AIDS course to renew, this course will meet that requirement. THIS IS A 3 HOUR COURSE. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to immediately print out a certificate from your computer or save a copy to your files for future reference.

Subjects covered: Personal protection, Etiology of the disease, Modes of transmission, Treatment of those infected, Laws/rules, Cleanup of spilled pathogens, disposal of infected materials, Confidentially & much more!

$38.10 Autotest/Instant Certificate. CEUs: Does not qualify for Cosmetology CEU Hours