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Password Reset Process  
Password information is confidential and for security reasons we verify information within your profile. The fastest way to get your password reset is to send an email to CustomerService@ceuworks.com with "password reset" in the subject line. Be sure to include your contact phone number so we can verify your information within your profile. The reset process can take between 2 and up to 8 business hours. If you have not received your new password with 24 hours via email, your password must be re-set by one of the technical support team members in our office. Send a second email request, and put 2nd password request in the subject line. This will send a priority email to our tech team. A response with your reset password will sent within 2-4 hours.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is my course approved by my professional license board?
Answer: All courses that we offer have approval by one (and usually several) license boards. Our website is set up so if a course is listed under your particular profession, it is approved by that profession. If your profession requires LIVE/Interactive classes, check our schedule of Live Training courses.
Question: Do I have to complete the entire training course in one sitting?
Answer: No, all courses are set up with a "registration time period". The more hours the training course is, the longer you have access to the training course. A 4 hour course typically has 14 day access and a 30 hour course has 90 day access.
Question: If I don't complete the training course within the registered time period, do I have to pay again to get additional access to complete the course?
Answer: No. At the end of the "registration period", the system automatically un-enrolls you from the course. This keeps our system running smooth and error free. Once you pay for a course, as a courtesy, we will manually re-enroll you into the course again, at no cost, for you to complete the course.
Question: I completed the all the steps in the course, but I am not able to see my certificate. What is wrong with your system?
Answer: Certificates are issued in an Adobe.pdf format. Your computer MUST have Adobe Acrobat installed in order for you to be able to view the certificate. If you are on an Apple product (iphone, ipad, etc) you must have the Adobe plug-in. There should be a link in the instructions section of each course, that will assist you in getting the proper plug-in for your system.
Question: I don't have a printer attached to my phone or tablet. How do I print the certificate?
Answer: Because the certificate is created as an Adobe .pdf, you can "save the certificate as" *.pdf file, save it, email it to yourself or someone with a printer, and print it later.
Question: I am going on vacation, I wanted to complete my training while I am traveling. Do I have to bring my computer with me??
Answer: No. Because our courses are "web based", any device that will connect to the web will be able to access our training courses. Be sure that you have Adobe acrobat installed to get your certificate, or Adobe flash if you are listening to an audio, or viewing a video. On the other hand, if you are going on a "no electronics" trip or to a location that does not have internet access, some of our courses are available in printed book format. When you purchase your course, be sure to specify that you want the course in book format. We will send you a book via US Mail and you can complete the course in that format.
Question: I failed the test the first time, can I get a refund?
Answer: Unfortunately, due to the nature of our course (education/knowledge), we do not offer refunds. All courses allow you to take the test 2 times. However, there is a mandatory 72 hour wait between testing the first time and taking the test a second time. We recommend that you spend the 72 hours re-reading or reviewing the audio/video materials. All tests are "open book" so if you study the materials, it is VERY difficult to NOT pass the course. It takes effort on your part to learn the materials, but almost everyone passes our training courses. We make them as easy and cost effective as possible, but they are still "educational training" courses with the goal of teaching you something that makes you more professional.
Question: I really enjoyed talking with the course counselor Michelle on the phone, where can I send a letter complimenting her?
Answer: ALL of our course counselors are "Top Notch" and very knowledgeable in their field of expertise. You can send your letter to our mailing address listed above, or by email to the owner of the company.
Question: How long does it take to get my certificate?
Answer: If you are doing courses online, then your certificate is available immediately. Complete all the steps, including the course evaluation, and test with a passing score, you can see your certificate on your screen. Print multiple copies for yourself and your license board, & you are done. If you completed a course by book/mail, once we get your answer sheets, we grade them and send out a certificate usually within 24 hours. It is then up to the US Post Office to get your certificate to you.
Question: I cannot get into the training course, my password does not seem to be working, what do I do now? How do I reset it?
Answer: Most "password" issues are due to our security format. All passwords MUST HAVE a CAPITAL letter, a symbol such as @ or # or $, and a number like 445, etc. If the password you are using does not have these elements, then you will have to contact us to reset your password. Simply send an email to customerservice@ceuworks.com give us your name and that this is a "password reset" and our tech team will update your account and send you an email with the new details within 24 hours.
Question: How do I know you are a reputable company and not some "fly by night" guy, who will take my money today and be gone tomorrow?
Answer: Professional continuing education is ALL we do. We have been in the same business, under the same ownership since 1993, and the owner has been an adult educator since 1989. Our continuing education is NOT A SIDELINE, we do not work in a profession and do education "part-time", when off from the regular "full-time" job. We are 100% dedicated to giving you the best quality, most cost-effective training courses in the industry. We do not offer many "free" courses (although we do from time to time) because we do have overhead that must be paid for (lights, water, phones, internet service). However, if you are a returning customer, we do offer a 15% discount if you tell us that you have taken a training course from us before as our way of saying "THANKS" for your business.
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